We want to hear from you.  We are constantly trying to ensure that we are delivering the best possible services and it is important to us that we listen to what you have to say. We want to know what you think about us, our services and the way we deliver them.  This can be in the form of a compliment, complaint or general comment.  For quick referrals please use our contact form.

Address: Unit 1 Plumpton Green Studios, St Helena Lane, Lewes BN7 3DQ (no reception)
Sussex Home Improvement Agency Manager.
Email: manager@sussexhia.org.uk
Caseworker or Surveyor
Email – caseworker@sussexhia.org.uk
Phone – 020 3198  8945 (with answerphone facility)

If you would like to send a comment or request please use the form below.


    Sussex Home Improvement Agency operates to assist resident with referrals from a variety of sources.

    Sussex HIA does not operate as an emergency service but will try and prioritise to support the urgency of the referral.

    Self referrals

    If you are an individual and you believe you are not accessing all the support you think you are eligible for, or would simply like some general advice, please completed the short online referral form. Once we receive your form a Case Worker will call you to go through, in greater details, your requirements to assess your needs and connect you to as many services as you may benefit from. Please do not provide too much personal detail on this form.

    Referrals via front line officer

    Sussex HIA is keen to receive referrals from as many different sources as possible.  Should you come across or meet with vulnerable individuals in the course of your work and you suspect they could benefit from some additional support, please complete a referral form either on their behalf or together and send it into Sussex HIA.  It is important that you seek approval from the person before sending across the referral

    One of the team will be in touch within 14 days of receiving the referral to ascertain the best ways in which to help.

    Please download the referral form attached and send in securely to Sussex HIA.

    Alternatively complete this detailed online referral form and provide a brief explanation of how you believe Sussex HIA can assist your resident.  This referral mechanism is secure.


    Of course, we hope and intend that you will have no cause to complain. However, we offer a comprehensive complaints procedure to ensure that any problem is dealt with fairly. From time to time you may not feel happy about the standard of the service that you receive from Sussex HIA.  If you feel that you would like to make a complaint please can you write in to:

    Nick Gracie-Langrick

    Address: Unit 1 Plumpton Green Studios, St Helena Lane, Lewes BN7 3DQ

    Or email Sussex HIA