Many residents are concerned about how to go about getting some major work completed in their homes.  It can be quite worrying trying to find a trustworthy builder and maybe you just want someone else to manage the process for you.

At home, some residents would benefit from property adaptations to help overcome difficulties in completing certain daily tasks.  Activities such as; gaining access in and out of the property, ascending steep stairs or being unable to take a wheelchair through narrow doorways or wanting to install a step free shower because your bathing or showering requirements have changed can become challenging. The works may be necessary because of a home repair issue such as to a roof, the gas central heating or to windows that have deteriorated.

Sussex HIA can provide owners and tenants with the full Adaptation and Improvement Service.  In addition Sussex HIA can also provide some advice on some of the Government’s energy schemes such as the recently closed Green Deal.

What work can Sussex HIA help with?

Types of home adaptations include;

Ramps (permanent)

Adapted showers/bathrooms

Door widening

Extensions or converting rooms for downstairs living

Stairlifts and through floor lifts to move between levels.

Types of home improvements include;

Electrical rewiring.

New or repairs to roofs, valleys or chimneys.

Improving gas or electrical heating systems

Renewing plumbing, bathrooms or toilet facilities.

Energy improvements (including whether other funds exist)

Paying for the work

To cover the work that Sussex HIA completes a fee is added to the cost of the works.  Some grants will cover the cost of the fee (up to the grant maximum) as the support from Sussex HIA enables the works to be completed.  Before a person agrees to having any work undertaken a full breakdown of costs will be provided, including a payment schedule.  Whilst on site Sussex HIA will ensure that new costs from additional or varied works are incorporated in the project costs.  All residents will be protected by a signed contract.

Sussex Home Improvement Agency are happy to take on residents that need support with identifying funding as well as those that have the ability to pay for the work themselves. A number of grants are available, such as the disabled facilities grant and our Caseworker will be able to provide advice about grant availability and your eligibility. Applying for a grant requires a process to be followed to ensure a full application can be made.  There is a need to work closely with professionals; including District Council housing/ grants officers and West Sussex County Council Occupational Therapists.

Sussex HIA can help:

Our experienced qualified surveyors can run through options, provide designs, drawings and specifications to meet your needs.

Where necessary we work with Occupational Therapists to obtain reports and help decide how best we can meet particular needs

We can complete VAT exemption forms (subject to eligibility).

We tender the works to our approved contractors to give you best value for money.

We oversee the work from start to finish and apply for planning permission and building control approval if needed.

You deal with our caseworker directly – we organise everything so you don’t have to worry.

Our service is fully insured and all work comes with a 12-month guarantee