Sussex Home Improvement Agency operates as a membership organisation.  Residents, carers, contractors and partner organisations are all welcome to join.  Becoming a member is an easy process and there is no charge.  The Sussex HIA Caseworker can help provide details on how to make a membership application.

Some of the advantages of becoming a member are:

  • The 6 monthly newsletter giving updates on the work of Sussex HIA,
  • An easy way of finding out about new partner services
  • An invitation to the Sussex HIA annual gathering, reduced training charges and information about other initiatives and events.
  • Ease of access to further support and advice as and when you need it
  • Advice on staying well during the different seasons and keeping safe and secure in your home
  • Access to the membership section on the website.

Become a member

Why not become a member today?  All residents that receive a service from Sussex HIA are invited to become a member.  All professionals and partner organisation that provide valuable support to residents are also invited to become a member under one of the various membership categories.

Member (Ordinary)– this membership is for the residents we help, residents who we may need to help and who would like to be part of what we do.  This includes families and friends that are providing valuable care to residents.

Member (Consultant) – this membership is for the qualified professionals (individuals) that are involved in (e.g.) the care, medical and building professions.  For professionals that are employed to work in this sector.

Member (Partner Organisation) – this membership is for partner organisations.  Organisations can be local government, third sector, statutory services or local voluntary support groups.

Member (Contractor) – this membership is for organisations and companies that provide design, architectural, surveying or construction services for the Members of Sussex HIA.

Member (Volunteer) – this membership if for people who have applied and then successfully recruited to become a volunteer worker for Sussex HIA. Opportunities to become a volunteer worker can be found here.

Submit your application

Membership applications can be made on-line (email) or over the phone.

Please use this Membership Application Form to provide your details.  Some Membership categories will require other information to be uploaded.

Membership FAQ

How much does it cost to become a member?

In 2017 / 18 there is no charge for becoming a member of Sussex HIA.

Will there be Membership charges in the future?

It is not envisaged that there will be a charge to become an ordinary member of Sussex HIA.  This policy will always be reviewed and any proposed changes will be raised at the annual meeting.  Sussex HIA is a community interest company so it has not been set up to make profits for shareholders.  Like any organisation it must survive financially and so options could be considered.

For how long is Membership held?

Membership is for a two-year period or unless terminated at an earlier stage.  Membership can be renewed at the end of this term.

Can Members vote on policy decisions?

Any policy decisions made by the organisation will be made by the Chief Operating Officer following consultation with the Sussex HIA Advisory Board.  Before any significant decisions are made that will affect Members a period of consultation will be run.

Why become a Membership organisation?

As a community interest company Sussex HIA is there to serve the community.  With Membership, it is much easier to consult, discuss and raise issues relating to the operation of the company.  Members also enjoy being part of an organisation and it is expected that may people that receive support will look to return for future advice, information or services.  When serving members staff will always look to provide an improved service.

Where is my personal and membership information stored?

All information provided in relation to a Member will be stored electronically is a secure location.  Any member can request access to any information held at any time and for more information please go to the data protection or confidentiality sections on the website.

I want to stop becoming a member?

If you would like to stop being a member of Sussex HIA please contact us and allow 5 working days for this to happen.  We will send confirmation out to you.