Training has many benefits.

Many staff spend a lot of their time in residents homes and come across situations that they are unsure about and how to deal with. This can include safety, dampness, fire or security. The issues may cause a lot of worry for the resident and with some training front line officers can respond quickly to problems to identified problems either providing advice or knowing where to refer them.

The training has a small charge and a reduction is offered for Members.  Courses can be provided at the request of organisations or from time to time open public courses are run.  For more details please contact Sussex HIA.  New courses can be considered.

Details of the venue, access, times and local parking and public transport will be sent out upon booking

Healthy Homes Training

This training highlights basic housing issues that can contribute to the poor health of a resident.  This half-day course will enable staff to be better prepared to consider housing condition issues when assessing the needs of their residents.  Where significant conditions are found and where support is needed, referrals can then be made directly to Sussex HIA for action.

Healthy homes matters covered include dampness, electrical safety, gas safety, fire, falls prevention and keeping warm.  Who is responsible and how can residents manage with these problems to lower risk and improve the safety for themselves and visitors?  Many problems are often resolved with low cost, small work solutions

Condensation, an introduction.

Condensation dampness is very common. If left it can damages properties, harms the health of residents and require costly repairs or alterations.  If left black mould develops and the structure of walls, condition of plaster and condition of wood are all affected.

The half day course provides a introduction allow you to recognise problems linked to condensation and to decide on what steps should be taken.  Information is provided on the difference between condensation, water penetration and rising damp, the link between heating, ventilation, lifestyle and condensation and what you can do to stop it in wither rented homes or your own home. The course covers relevant legislation and responsibilities.



Fire safety around the home.

Fire safety is very important as is the need to prevent a fire breaking out.  This half day course looks at the causes of fire, ignition, the fire triangle, the common rooms for fire, fire spread and assessing properties for risk.

To monitor properties the course considers the need for detection, alarms, equipment and fire structures.  Where, when and how to install an early warning system, considering the need for regular checks and maintenance.  How to work with residents to advise how to prevent fire, to react and how to get out safely.  Many vulnerable or older people are at greater risk because of mobility, sensory impairment, poor choice of heaters, older equipment, property repair or clutter.  Examples are provided of how to manage these increased risks and when to refer residents to Sussex HIA.